Maximum resistance systems


BestBalus system offers safety compliance, as CTE (Technical Building Code) plus certification (ENAC) resistance, corrosion and exposure to sunlight.

Commitment to Safety

BestBalus systems comply with the Technical Building Code (CTE) in relation to the characteristics of protective barriers:

CTE. Section 3.2.1.

“Protective barriers have at least a height of 900 mm when the height difference that protect not exceed 6 m and 1100 mm in the other cases”

CTE. Section 3.2.3.

a) “protective barriers, including stairs and ramps shall be designed so that they can´t be easily scaled by children”

b) “protective barriers, including stairs and ramps shall be designed so they do not have openings that can be traversed by a sphere of 100 mm. in diameter.”

CTE. Apartado

“The handrail shall be firm and easy to grasp, will separate the facing at least 40 mm and not interfere with fastening system continuous passage of the hand”

Certified quality

Compliance with French Standard: NF P01-013, UNE UNE 85-238-91 and 85-240-90.
Reaction to aging by exposure to light sources (ENAC test).
Behaviour in artificial atmosphere corrosion (salt spray test), ENAC trial.

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