1. What products BestBalus offer us?

    We solve your doubts in the installation of BestBalus closings. Frequent questions.

  • Solutions for horizontal and sloping sections:
  • With bars.
  • With panels.
  • With handrails.
  1. Of what materials are they made?

The rail consists of a core(nucleus) of steel galvanized, encased by means of injection with a composite with glass fiber.

  1. Are rails resistent? Why?

Yes, due to his core(nucleus) of steel.

  1. Of what does the BestBalus core(nucleus) of steel consist?

It is a structural core(nucleus) covered and galvanized steel.

  1. Can they be painted?

Yes, it is posible to do it easily. The composite that covers the system is a perfectly adapted substrate for it. Nevertheless the pieces are supplied in White and in black, for what iti is not necessary to paint them. Without need of sandpaper or primings with a painting with base of polyurethane.

  1. What materials are necessary for the assembly(montage)?

Basic tool: Saw of arch, screwdrivers, mallet of nylon, drill, reels HSS Ø4,8 and Ø3,9mm and Widia, countersink bit Ø10mm, hexagonal keys of glass, keys allen, riveter, 2 girths of carrack of 6m.

As materials, only screws or clinches. As for tool, drill, amoladora, riveter, reels screwdrivers, girths and mace of nylon.

  1. What kind of characteristics the screws to hold the pieces must have?

Bestbalus provides the screws, except that of fixation to the soil and clinches or screws that can be acquired by facility on the market.

  1. The screws have to be of steel or can be of another material?

The screws are of steel and the clinches are of aluminium.

  1. There exist designs or colors different from the one that they me have presented?

Yes, if it is demanded different models of bars can be made and in colors that are not the standard, black, white.



  1. Where can we install these rails and banisters?

Balconies, terraces, stairs, ramps, closings in exterior, etc.

  1. It is possible to mount a foot of work or some previous process is necessary in the workshop?

It is perfect to mount a foot of work.

  1. Are they the same rails both for interior and for exterior?

Yes, only they change the requirements of the anchorages.



  1. How many persons are necessary to do the assembly?

Though in many cases an alone person might solve them, we recommend two.

  1. How much time needs the assembly of a linear meter of the BestBalus rail?

In the checked assemblies the performance has been approximately of 4,5 – 5 linear finished meters mounted by two persons.

  1. How is it started mounting? What steps is it necessary to give?

To realize the assembly, it is necessary to follow the manual of installation. The fundamental steps are the following ones:

  • Horizontal sections:
  1. Measurement.
  2. Cut the tube that goes through the bars.
  3. Introduce the bars into the tube.
  4. Tighten up everything with straps.
  5. Drill the holes and rivet or screw.>
  6. Covers and accesories.
  7. Fix to the floor.
  • Inclined sections:
  1. Measurement.
  2. Cut the tube that goes through the bars.
  3. Enter handrails and fix ends.
  4. Regulate columns height.
  5. Fix to the floor.
  6. Assemble top and bottom rails.
  7. Screw bars.
  • Handrails:
  1. Measurement.
  2. Cut the tube and mounting.
  3. Rivet and screw.
  4. Fix to the wall.
  1. About steel through tube, How should we handle it? Do we have to cut it?

It tries to make as few cuts as possible. Each cut and extension requires 2 holes and rivets / screws.
We use a standard through tube 6 meters, cutting it to the required length.

  1. How do I insert the column and the bars?

Introducing it into the through tube, on flat surface that will not damage the parts, binding to the columns by screw or rivet.

  1. How many bars should be put in each column?

Depends on the situation, generally about 8 or 9.
We recommend placing columns every 1-1.5 meters, depending on the set.

  1. The bars assembly, Does it require much physical effort?


  1. How is the whole subject each other? How is “tied” the bars with the spine and through tube to have strength?

The element that gives unity to the whole is the “Profile intern” (tube 35x10x1.5mm). Screwed or riveted to the columns, thus maintaining continuity in the internal metal structure.

  1. The piece, when assembled properly, does it stay together? Is it solid?

Of course, no gaps or noise.

  1. For corners, How can assemble the pieces and give continuity to the whole?

The corner is resolved ending each column and placing two 90° bends between the two (one for each rail). Although it would be feasible to make the corner without columns, it can´t ensure strength. There is a bendable elbow to accommodate any angle other than 90°.

  1. Are the screws are concealed or you can see it?

They are seen, even the same color as the rail.

  1. How can we know the number of pieces WE have to ask or arrange for each work?

It should do the calculation based on plane and supported by photos whenever possible.
We must spread the length to cover, based on the extent of the bars or columns is 120 m / m, to find a multiple, placing columns every 1-1.5 meters depending on the floor type.

  1. How do the rails are fastened to a wall? And to the floor?

There are specific parts for anchoring to wall, with precise adjustment of the length. The floor fixing is not different from any other rail which determination is made by screws.
A wall by BestBalus and soil fixation with screws according to UNE.

  1. If we had to do some exterior door with railing materials, Can they provide us the door? How do they recommend us to solve this need?

We can supply different pieces to compose a frame on a gate or hatch, using a bendable elbow amended or modified stainless steel hinge.

  1. Are there any special recommendation to transport parts from our warehouse to the implantation?

This product should not be treated as a building material, but as a finishing material. Should be protected from dust and bumps or scratches. Where it is not possible to carry the product in its packaging, distribution should clean surfaces for storage and reassembly.


  • What makes the difference?

  • Modular system, easy installation or assembly.
  • Resistance. Steel core coated fiberglass composite.
  • Maintenance-free, never needs painting.
  1. Is there any guarantee of durability and strength of the railing?

Two legal years, but an added guarantee that our tests guarantee.

  1. Can it oxidizes? What guarantees that will not rust?

No, the steel core is completely isolated from the outside. The guard rail system has an outer layer made of a composite Fiberglass will not rust and protects the steel core.

  1. How it behaves in coastline places?

Having no contact with the environment core, no alteration.

  1. And in front of the fire, what is their behavior?

Against vandalism, such as cause a burn with a lighter, mark where the flame approaches but with a little sanding step is practically concealed.

  1. Is there some kind of recommendation of hardware based on the different types of soil in which to hold the railing?

  1. Is there any difference in the system if is new or repair or change an existing one?

No, because the scheduling is done on both the finished floor.

  1. If there is an inclined section, a ramp or a ladder, can they provide the parts for it?

Yes, there is an articulated version adaptable to any slope.

  1. The inclined sections, Do they require any special handling? What about hardware?

The mounting method is slightly different, but no more complicated. The hardware is supplied with the product.

  1. Do they have different height measurements railings?

110cm horizontal version, 95 cm tilted version.

  1. What safety standards meet the railing?

  • CTE, UNE, NF

  • The CTE required in terms of height, spacing between bars and not being scalable.

  1. Do you have a technical department can advise us at any difficulty in assembly or at the time of putting the project to the client?

Yes, but commercial themselves who will settle to 90% of the questions in situ.

  1. If we need additional materials, How long would take to forward them?

Depends on the place and the mode of transport, but there will always be factory stock.

  1. BestBalus is not a known brand. Do you belong to any company in the industry with experience?

Bestbalus is a trademark of Pladomin SA, a company with over 40 years experience in molding manufacturing of various components for the automotive industry, as well as appliances.


“The manufacturer is not responsible for product installation, is the responsibility of the installer. Fixing the mounting brackets on work shall be done in accordance with the specifications of the supplier of anchors and shall withstand the loads defined in the UNE 85-239-91”

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