BestBalus, in action


Through these videos and photos, show each and every one of the steps to be followed for proper assembly and installation BestBalus.

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horizontal railings mounting.

Installation instructions BestBalus horizontal railings.

Video installation handrail.

Video installation handrail wall articulated BestBalus.

Assembling a ladder section.

Video describing the assembly of a flight of stairs BestBalus.

Dynamic test resistance test.

The railings BestBalus galvanized steel core and fully coated glass fiber composite by injection., Offer MAXIMUM STRENGTH, to any kind of hit, crash or impact.

“The manufacturer is not responsible for product installation, is the responsibility of the installer. Fixing the mounting brackets on work shall be done in accordance with the specifications of the supplier of anchors and shall withstand the loads defined in the UNE 85-239-91”

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